TeleNeo aims to serve Brazilians and Brazilian companies in England and Europe, providing quality, economical telecommunications services to this market.

With our App, specially designed for Brazilians away from home, you can make FREE calls to your family. You can also make phone calls to any fixed line or mobile phone anywhere in the world at extremely economical rates.

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Business Owner with connection to Brazil? Out hosted Global PBX is the way to go - economy, quality and mobility.

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TeleNeo is a new company, but with a world of experience. It uses the most advanced technologies to offer the best in telecommunication services for corporations, small / medium businesses and individuals where mobility is the important factor. 
Our TeleNeo platform offers a complete business telephony service. It provides a full range of features and functionalities that allow you to easily and efficiently connect your fixed and mobile telephony, helping you to improve your productivity and your corporate image. 
Our App for Smartphones, TeleNeo, when associated to the TeleNeo platform gives another concept to the word mobility, and can also be used by individuals, promoting significant savings in their national and international phone calls. For example, all calls between Smartphones with the TeleNeo App are free - even from country to country, providing excellent communications Europe / Brazil with an unprecedented economy. 

Become a market leader in telecommunications by providing high quality services at low prices using socially responsible, new and innovative technological solutions. 
Offer quality, affordable, family and business communications to those who really need them. 
Passion - We are committed and enthusiastic in everything we do. 
Responsibility - We are personally responsible for the work we do. 
Innovation - Our commitment to continuous innovation stimulates new ideas and creativity. 
Excellence in Services - We strive to achieve excellence standards in services that exceed the expectations of those we serve. 
Quality - We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. 




The TeleNeo App allows your customers to make full use of WiFi or 3G/4G for cheap, or free phone calls to anywhere in the world. Calls between TeleNeo App users are FREE. 

Visit the TeleNeo App page for further information.

Hosted PBX
 The TeleNeo Platform is a cloud-based, easy-to-use, enterprise-class, corporate telephony service - a virtual PBX. Calls are made and received through a broadband connection, and all configuration and monitoring is carried out through a web portal. 
Particularly economical for companies with subsidiaries and / or offices distributed, nationally or internationally. 

Whatever your in-house needs, TeleNeo can supply them!

Structured cabling, Managed Wi-Fi. 

And we can supply Broadband to your premises.

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Your can sell all of the TeleNeo products and services as an agent or reseller.

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